Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gravestone typography continued

Here are a few more examples of the lone decorative DIED from Maine cemeteries. The decorative capitals for John Cochran (which would have been carved in 1850 when his wife died, not in 1839 when he did) and Deacon Job Pendleton have been found on other gravestones. I suspect they are from a typefounder’s or wood type manufacturer’s specimen book, but I have not yet located it.

Dea. Job Pendleton (d. 1847) / unidentified cemetery on Rt. 235
John Cochran (d. 1839) and Mary Cochran (d. 1850) / Grove Cemetery / Belfast, Maine
a peculiar decorative letter for him with blackletter undertones and a simple gothic for her
Sumner Lothrop (d. 1863) / Grove Cemetery / Belfast, Maine
rimmed gothic with shading
Mary Griffin (d. 1845) / Grove Cemetery / Belfast. Maine
Caslon Italian
Capt. David H. Libby (d. 1836) / Grove Cemetery / Belfast, Maine
Caslon Italian in relief

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